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Now that you own your Palm Pilot and are using it everyday, do you really want to carry it in the pouch shipped with it by 3Com??? I doubt it. It's the nice pouch, but it is flimsy vinyl or some kind of plastic material. It's cheap.

Go for one of the higher end approaches to this dilemma. There are several to choose from. I will tell you about three in this article.

Levenger Sales Company is an old and revered purveyor of fine and very interesting products for persons who cherish items such as fine writing instruments. Recently, I had occasion to order a Pilot Pouch from Levenger. I returned it. It was made of beautiful leather. It was brown in color, and that was something I've wanted to match clothing while I was on a "Brown Day". But the thing was held together with snaps that work something like the snap buttons on cowboy shirts. The slightest bit of stress on the snap, and the snap will unsnap. At my age, I have to admit from time to time there is stress on my clothes. You can't have this un-snapping stuff when you're carrying a Palm Pilot. It went back to Levenger.

"CoverTech" is a trade name by Widget Software Canada, Inc. Talk about well made. This $59.95 pouch which only comes in black (this is why I wanted a brown pouch) is made of the toughest material I have ever worked with outside of something made of metal. I think they call this stuff parachute material but I am not sure. It is built "like a rock", or so the saying goes. The pouch is held on your belt by a detachable clasp made of sturdy plastic material. Press the two sides of the clasp and the pouch is released. Thereafter, with your thumb you push the plastic catch under its top and the cables that hold the Palm Pilot in the pouch release to allow you to pull the Palm Pilot out of the pouch and use it.

When you return the Palm Pilot to the pouch, make sure you return the Pilot upside down. Your stylus will never fallout. It took me losing three styli before I figured out this trick. The pouch is so sturdy and it provides insulation from shocks and abuse that might harm your Palm Pilot. I have used my CoverTech almost every day for the last three years and while it does show some wear, I have full confidence it will last at least another 3 to 5 years. At $59, it's one hell of a bargain.

I have a new brown pouch for my Palm Pilot. It was purchased from a St. Louis outfit called Synsolutions. [Synergy Solutions is to whom you make your payments?????] (www.synsolutions.com) This company not only sells and distributes pouches for the Palm Pilots but also various types of software for the Palm Pilot. I have visited Mr. Allen Pinstein of Synsolutions at their offices in downtown St. Louis on the levee. He's a nice guy and his company is very helpful for tech support and software implementation and development. When Pinstein first showed me the prototype of the pouch I now own, I showed him my CoverTech pouch and suggested that he re-think the way he's making his pouches. Synsolutions went on to produce and distribute the pouch I now own in brown. It's a very good pouch. It costs only $34.45. It may not be quite a sturdy as the CoverTech, but it has a unique features of its own, and it comes in brown, as well as other colors.

It has a sturdy clip that you can attach to your belt after you belt your pants, unlike the CoverTech which requires you to put your belt through the loop attached to the clasp. In this regard, the Synsolutions model is much easier to use. It has a very sturdy, button mechanism in steel which, when depressed, releases the pouch from the clip. By using velcro strips ( which I modified by using heavier duty velcro), the pouch holds the Palm Pilot securely, yet allows for a flip open easy to get to system that will make the user happy, happy, happy.

With either the Synsolutions or the Cover-Tech pouch, you won't go wrong.

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