Alan J. Steinberg

My name is Alan Steinberg. I have been practicing law since 1966. I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Missouri , Columbia, Missouri, in 1962, just one year after I was married to my wife, Joyce. After a brief stint in the “family meat business”, I entered night law school at St. Louis University and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1967. I worked at McDonnell Aircraft during my law school years. MAC paid for most of my education under a company scholarship program.

Upon graduation from law school, I began my legal career with the law firm of Gleick and Steinberg. After two years with Mr. Harry S. Gleick, I decided to go to work for a large law firm in 1968. I joined the firm of Lashly, Caruthers, Rava, Hyndman & Rutherford, eventually to become a partner and pursue a career specializing in litigation, business and domestic law. Having had a taste of the small firm and large firm practices, and realizing both offer advantages and disadvantages, I opted for the small law firm life. In 1974, I went solo for a couple of years, and then formed a partnership in 1976 with Mr. Darold E. Crotzer Jr., under the name of Steinberg & Crotzer, and eventually Steinberg, Crotzer and Ford, when Charles L. Ford joined Darold and I. This firm, in one incarnation or another, endured for twenty years, until my son Les and I decided to open our own office in Creve Coeur.

Stepping back a bit, I decided early in my career to gain some additional education advantages. In 1975, I entered the Washington University Law School and in a two year program, obtained a Masters degree, specializing in taxation (L.L.M.). The bulk of my work is involved in the business fields with a very active Domestic, Family Law and Estate and Probate practice, as well. Our clients tend to be small to medium-sized businesses and families. We engage in litigation as well as executing the practice as outlined in our home page.

In 1995, Les and I made the move from our former Clayton offices to relocate in the municipality of Creve Coeur. You might want to click on my resume to learn more about the activities in which I have participated.

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